Most paleontologists, and others refuse to carbon date dinosaur bones. They dont want you to see it. But our Paleo team has Carbon 14 dated dinosaur bones from Texas, Colorado, Montana, China, North Dakota, and Alaska by professional labs using accelerator mass spectrometry. Every sample dates to between 23,000 and 39,000 years before the present. SCROLL DOWN and see it all here on our Carbon 14 dating page plus other evidence on our Footprint page etc.


Stegosaurus carving on 1000 year old temple in cambodia.  See also Dinosaurs in History link
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   We are a group of consultants in geology, paleontology, chemistry, engineering, and education who perform research on fossils.   We are affiliated with no church or university.    We are open to ideas concerning the past history of the earth We are especially interested in anomalies of science and theories about past cataclysms that have happened on earth that all scientist acknowledge have happened.    We do not receive any funding from any government foundation.    Therefore we do not have to hold fast to certain ideas or paradigms for fear of losing our funding or our tenure.   We are not all of any particular creed or denomination.   We welcome scientific information that may not be published in respected journals due to its controversial nature.   We participate in excavations, arrange for radiocarbon dating (RC, 14C, or Carbon-14) of fossil material at licensed laboratories, work with museums, and prepare reports for publication world-wide.   We have investigated fossil material from all over the world.

In addition to the age question which undermines evolution theory, there are many other sciences that challenge it. The links below are just a few      


Nosotros somos un grupo de consultants en geologia, paleontologia, quimica fisica, genetica, ingenieria biologica y education que participamos en excavaciones, arreglamos para datar la edad de material fosil incluyendo dinosaurios en laboratorios licenciados, trabajamos con museos, preparamos reports y extractos para la publicacion y conferencias. Nosotros continuamos la investigacion de material fosil por todo el mundo en matrices que se diferencian y hemos descubierto que todos contienen una significativa cantidad de c-14 que soportan la teoria de ?Aparencia abrupta? de origen solo de hade de miles de años. Nosotros creemos en el creador ue nos puso aqui para amarlo y servirle en esta vida y estar con El en la proxima.


   Wir sind eine Gruppe von Beratern in der Geologie , Paläontologie , Chemie , Technik und Bildung , die Forschung an Fossilien durchzuführen. Wir sind mit keiner Kirche oder einer Universität angegliedert. Wir sind offen für Ideen über die Vergangenheit der Erde sind wir besonders daran interessiert, Anomalien der Wissenschaft und Theorien über vergangene Katastrophen , die auf der Erde , dass alle Wissenschaftler Bestätigungs passiert passiert. Wir übernehmen keine Finanzierung von der Regierung Fundament erhalten . Daher haben nicht wir zu schnell , um bestimmte Ideen oder Paradigmen aus Angst, unsere Finanzierung zu verlieren oder unsere Amtszeit zu halten. Wir sind nicht alle einer bestimmten Religion oder Konfession. Wir begrüßen wissenschaftliche Informationen, die nicht in angesehenen Fachzeitschriften aufgrund seiner Brisanz veröffentlicht werden kann . Wir beteiligen uns an Ausgrabungen , sorgen für Radiokohlenstoffdatierung (RC , 14C , oder Carbon -14) von fossilen Material an lizenzierten Labor , arbeiten mit Museen und erstellen Berichte für die Veröffentlichung weltweit . Wir haben fossiles Material aus der ganzen Welt untersucht.
Zusätzlich zu den Alters Frage, die Evolutionstheorie untergräbt es gibt viele andere Wissenschaften, die sie herausfordern . Die folgenden Links sind nur ein paar.      



FOSSIL COLLECTING AND ANALYSIS: We collect samples of fossils of various species from the United States including Alaska , the Arctic region, and locations world-wide while working with other teams of scientists. We have performed analysis using various equipment and methods.   We have examined exact elemental composition, carbon content, collagen content, bioapatite content and carbon 14 content on samples.

A fossil can be found in one geological strata or enclosed by several geological stratum. The latter is known as a polystrate fossil.

There are four ages associated with a fossil found in a geological stratum. First is the age of the actual pieces of rock/slate/clay/limestone etc that covers the fossil. Second is the age of the fossil itself. Third is the age of exactly when the rock/clay/limestone actually covered up the fossil. Fourth is the age of the geological strata the fossil is found in. All four ages can be different. Most scientific activity involves measuring the first or fourth age. The second age is the only true age for determining how old a dinosaur bone actually is. For example measuring the first age will give you how old the material is that has buried the fossil. The material could have been formed thousands of years before and then just recently covered our fossil. Measuring the third age if it were accurately known would be all right but the assumptions involved in knowing when the material covered the fossil are based on weak assumption. If one can date the actual fossil itself that is the best way. In fact material such as amber, dinosaur bones, shale, limestone have been shown to have radioactive carbon 14 which means they are dateable.

We are one of the few groups that DATE THE FOSSILS THEMSELVES and not the rock material enclosing them. Most scientific dating is done by measuring the radiometric age of volcanic material adjacent to the fossil. The assumption being that the age of the volcanic material is the age of the fossil. This assumption may not always be true since the volcanic material could have been formed earlier and then moved into place to cover the fossil. When scientists do not have adjacent material that is radiometrically dateable they then typically look at the fossils in the strata or its other geological characteristics and decide its age based on similarity to other formations. For example if it has carbonized tree ferns and looks similar to what they call Pennslvanian strata then they conclude it is the same age as they say the Pennslyvanian strata. We consider this faulty logic and that scientists should always date the fossils with carbon dating when carbon is present. Note that even many mineralized, petrified, hard as stone fossils have been found to contain carbon when analyzed. Many dinosaur bones, clay, shales, limestone contain measurable amounts of carbon.

In 2010 we dated a shale sample from the Green River Formation of Colorado because it contained 10.8 % carbon. See carbon dating page for interesting results.

CARBON 14 DATING: We have performed carbon 14 analysis of bones, fossils, soils etc. to determine ages of materials found in various locations.

There are over 100 C14 labs world-wide and they have a peer review journal called Radiocarbon that weeds out the errors. They have 60 some years during which the variables have been studied and have identified young contaminants which can be removed by acid - base - acid pretreatments AND surface preservatives by refluxing specimens in organic solvents before testing for C14 content and dating.

There is also the "reservoir effect" in which radiochemists have identified several ways fossils can be too old due to old carbon contamination. We think the reservoir effect applies to old carbon contamination of dinosaur bones and carbon in the rocks.- these bones may be 3-5 times too old than what we obtain even though our C14 ages are 1000 to 2000 times younger than what dating the rocks by conventional geology suggests . See our pages on radiocarbon dating and radioactive dating for some of the main reasons why dating the volcanic rocks containing radioactive decay elements and their daughter elements and the older previous conventional methods are NOT the way to go.

The stratigraphic or geologic column (GC) is dated conventionally by 19th century assumptions of 1000's of years for a few cm. of sediment to form and lithify [harden] into rock. It is dated with radioactive isotopes and with the assumption that the simplest life forms were formed at the bottom of the GC and then life became more complicated after millions of years. Dating strata by the location and depth in the strata is circular reasoning that is not verified by numerous measurements. We can C14 date many of the fossils and sometimes we even date the age of the carbon containing rocks that encase the fossil.

Sedimentary rocks are NOT datable by non C14 radiometric methods as they contain no radioactive decay elements.

Experimental sedimentology in large hydraulic flumes indicates that strata can form rapidly including mudstones.
"It was not until 1999 that there seemed to be an awakening to the idea that geological ages are measured by the time taken for sediments to deposit and not by biological revolutions or orogeny. Prof. Gabriel Gohau of the French Geological Society confirmed this fact in his book A History of Geology (1999):

" Ce qui mesure le temps, ce sont les durées de sédimentation, sur lesquelles tout le monde est plus ou moins d?accord, et non celles des orogenèses et des révolutions biologiques. (Translation: Time is measured by the time taken for sediments to deposit, a fact upon which everybody is more or less agreed, and not by orogenesis or ?biological revolutions?).

Prof. Gohau mentioned in his work how Charles Lyell was influenced in the construction of the geological time scale by his belief in biological « revolutions» (macro-evolution) occurring over 240 millions of years.


  • CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE AND PUBLISHING OF REPORTS: We recently presented papers and attended the annual conference in December of 2014in San Francisco to see report click here. or here Conference paper We participated several international conferences in Italy and Germany concerning the impossibility of evolution. We recently attended the AGU convention in San Francisco and presented a press release at that time Several abstracts of our papers have recently been submitted to geological, paleontology, and science journals. We also have established a radioblog  blog site.. See also below.
  • LITERATURE SEARCHING: We are examining Radiocarbon journal and many other technical journals to improve our expertise concerning C-14 dating, its problems, best methods and pre treatment of samples to ensure elimination of possible old and young contaminants.
  • ANOMALY INVESTIGATION: We are constantly on the alert to anomalies in geology, earth's history, paleontology, and radiometric dating, as these are often keys to unlocking new knowledge of the earth's past.   For example, carbon 14 exists in coal, diamonds, amber, and dinosaur fossils and none should exist according to evolutionary theory.


    LA COLLECTE DE FOSSILES ET ANALYSE : Nous prélevons des échantillons de fossiles de différentes espèces des États-Unis , y compris l'Alaska , la région de l'Arctique , et les emplacements dans le monde entier tout en travaillant avec d'autres équipes de scientifiques . Nous avons réalisé une analyse en utilisant divers équipements et méthodes . Nous avons examiné la composition exacte élémentaire , la teneur en carbone , la teneur en collagène , la teneur en carbone 14 et bioapatite contenu des échantillons . Un fossile peut être trouvé dans une couche géologique ou enfermée par plusieurs couche géologique . Celui-ci est connu comme un fossile polystrates . Il ya trois ans associés à un fossile trouvé dans une couche géologique . Le premier est l'âge des pièces réelles de rock / ardoise / argile / calcaire etc qui couvre le fossile . La deuxième est l'âge du fossile lui-même. La troisième est l'âge de exactement quand le rock / argile / calcaire effectivement couvert le fossile . Tous les trois ans peuvent être différents . La plupart des activités scientifiques consiste à mesurer le premier ou le troisième âge . Le deuxième âge est le seul vrai âge pour déterminer l'âge d'un os de dinosaure est en réalité. Par exemple mesurer le premier âge vous donnera l'âge du matériau est qu'il a enterré le fossile . Le matériau pourrait avoir été formé des milliers d'années avant , puis tout récemment couvert notre fossiles . Mesurer le troisième âge si elle était connue avec précision que tout irait bien , mais les hypothèses sous-jacentes à savoir quand le matériau couvert le fossile sont basés sur l'hypothèse faible. Si l'on peut dater le fossile elle-même qui est la meilleure façon . En fait il a été démontré matériau telles que l'ambre , des os de dinosaures , de schiste , de calcaire d'avoir carbone 14 radioactif qui signifie qu'ils sont datables .


    FOSSIL SAMMELN UND ANALYSE : Wir sammeln Proben von Fossilien verschiedener Arten aus den USA , einschließlich Alaska, der Arktis und Standorten weltweit bei der Arbeit mit anderen Teams von Wissenschaftlern. Wir haben Analyse unter Verwendung verschiedener Geräte und Verfahren . Wir haben genaue Elementzusammensetzung , Kohlenstoffgehalt , Kollagengehalt , bioapatite -und Kohlenstoffgehaltauf 14 Proben untersucht. Ein Fossil kann in einem geologischen Schichten gefunden oder durch mehrere geologische Schicht eingeschlossen werden. Letztere wird als polystrate Fossil bezeichnet . Es gibt drei Altersgruppen mit einem Fossil in einer geologischen Schicht gefunden verbunden. Zunächst ist das Alter der eigentlichen Felsstücke / Schiefer / Ton / etc Kalkstein , die die fossilen abdeckt. Zweitens ist das Alter des fossilen sich. Drittens ist das Alter , wann genau die Rock / Ton / Kalkstein tatsächlich die fossilen bedeckt. Alle drei Altersgruppen können unterschiedlich sein. Die meisten wissenschaftlichen Tätigkeit beinhaltet die Messung der ersten oder dritten Alter. Die zweite Alters ist die einzige wahre Alter zu bestimmen , wie alt ein Dinosaurier- Knochen tatsächlich ist. Zum Beispiel die Messung der ersten Alters wird Ihnen , wie alt das Material ist, dass die fossilen begraben hat . Das Material könnte gebildet haben Tausende von Jahren vor und dann erst vor kurzem unsere fossilen bedeckt. Messung des dritten Lebens wenn sie genau bekannt wäre alles in Ordnung sein, aber die Annahmen, zu wissen, wann das Material überzogen das Fossil beteiligt sind, auf schwachen Annahme. Wenn man die tatsächlichen fossilen sich , dass der beste Weg ist, zu datieren. In der Tat Material wie Bernstein, Dinosaurier-Knochen , Schiefer , Kalkstein haben gezeigt, dass radioaktive Kohlenstoff- 14, das heißt, sie datierbar sind, haben.


    Recolección de fósiles y análisis : Recogemos muestras de fósiles de diferentes especies procedentes de los Estados Unidos, incluyendo Alaska, la región del Ártico , y los lugares de todo el mundo mientras trabaja con otros equipos de científicos . Hemos realizado análisis utilizando diversos equipos y métodos. Hemos examinado la composición exacta elemental , el contenido de carbono , el contenido de colágeno , contenido bioapatite y carbono 14 contenido en las muestras . Un fósil se puede encontrar en uno estratos geológicos o encerrado por varios estrato geológico . Este último se conoce como un fósil Polistrato . Hay tres edades asociadas a un fósil encontrado en un estrato geológico. En primer lugar es la edad de las piezas reales de rock / pizarra / arcilla / piedra caliza , etc , que cubre el fósil . En segundo lugar es la edad de la propia fósil. En tercer lugar es la era de exactamente cuando la roca / arcilla / piedra caliza cubierto realmente el fósil. Las tres edades pueden ser diferentes. La mayor actividad científica consiste en la medición de la primera o la tercera edad. La segunda edad es la única verdadera edad para determinar la edad de un hueso de dinosaurio que realmente es. Por ejemplo la medición de la primera edad le dará la edad del material es que ha enterrado el fósil . El material podría haberse formado miles de años antes y después apenas recientemente cubierto nuestro fósil. La medición de la tercera edad, si se supiera con exactitud iba a estar bien , pero los supuestos implicados en saber cuando el material cubierto el fósil se basan en hipótesis débil. Si uno puede salir con el propio fósil real que es la mejor manera . De hecho material como el ámbar, huesos de dinosaurios , pizarra , piedra caliza se ha demostrado que tienen carbono radiactivo 14 que significa que son dateable .


    C-14 Dating of Dinosaur Bones and Competing Scientific Paradigms of Earth's History.

    Appropriate responses to climate change and potentially catastrophic asteroid impacts demand interpretations of data in the context of an accurate paradigm of earth's history. The history of science contains many examples of ?reigning paradigms? that retarded and obstructed scientific and medical research. For example, one of our nation?s greatest presidents, James A. Garfield, died early in his first term, not from an assassin's bullet, as widely believed, but from the infection introduced into his body by his attending surgeon who followed the ?reigning paradigm? of his day and used unwashed hands and an unsterilized surgical instrument to probe the president's wounds. Most surgeons at that time had no place for the ?alternative paradigm? of men like Dr. Joseph Lister who were trying to introduce sterile procedures in surgery. Thus, President Garfield died from the effects of a false scientific paradigm.

    Today, most scientists are working within a false paradigm of earth?s history which holds that all living things have evolved through the same kinds of material processes going on today over hundreds of millions of years. One of the prominent displays in support of this paradigm is the alleged evidence that dinosaurs became extinct sixty-five million years before humans allegedly evolved from a common ancestor with chimpanzees. Richard Dawkins has stated that, if authenticated, ?human bones in the Carboniferous coal deposits . . . would blow the theory of evolution out of the water" (Free Inquiry, V.21, No.4, 10/11/2001).

    Recent research by an international team of scientists has demonstrated that dinosaur bones contain C-14 in the same amounts as saber tooth tigers, dire wolves, ancient bison, mammoths and other creatures that have lived with human beings. This and a large body of other evidence, including preservation of soft tissue in dinosaur bones and preservation of DNA with a half-life of 500 years in fossils alleged to be tens of millions of years old, falsifies the standard chronology of earth?s history. To determine appropriate responses to climate change and asteroid impacts, the US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology must be able to interpret geological and astronomical data within a correct paradigm of earth?s history. Failure to do so will result in the adoption of false solutions and a colossal waste of tax-payers? money.

    By inviting outstanding scientists who support an alternative paradigm for earth?s history, based on empirical evidence and twenty-first century scientific tools, which collapses the hundreds of millions of years of the standard paradigm into a much shorter time-frame, the Committee will be able to determine which of the two paradigms better explains the evidence. The Committee will also be able to exemplify the proper scientific method by evaluating competing paradigms, rather than following a Lysenkoist methodology which demands blind adherence to a single paradigm and indoctrination of all young scientists into that paradigm. This, in turn, will encourage American educators to educate, rather than indoctrinate, young people, by allowing them to critically evaluate the competing paradigms in the light of the evidence.

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      RECOLECCION Y ANALISIS DE FOSSIL: Recolección de fósiles y análisis de datos Nosotros recogemos las muestras de fósiles de diferentes especies procedentes de los Estados Unidos, incluyendo Alaska, la región del Ártico, y los lugares de todo el mundo mientras trabaja con otros equipos de científicos. Hemos llevado a cabo el análisis utilizando diversos equipos y métodos. Hemos examinado la composición elemental exacta, el contenido de carbono, el contenido de colágeno, contenido bioapatite y el contenido de carbono 14 en las muestras.

      Un fósil se puede encontrar en uno estratos geológicos o encerrado por varios estrato geológico. El último se conoce como un fósil Polistrato.

      Hay tres edades asociados con un fósil encontrado en un estrato geológico. La primera es la edad de las piezas reales de rock / pizarra / arcilla / piedra caliza, etc que cubre el fósil. El segundo es la edad de la propia fósil. El tercero es la edad exacta de cuando la roca / arcilla / piedra caliza en realidad cubiertos hasta el fósil. Todos los tres años de edad pueden ser diferentes. Mayoría de la actividad científica consiste en la medición de la primera o la tercera edad. La segunda edad es la única verdadera edad para determinar la edad de un hueso de dinosaurio que realmente es. Por ejemplo, la medición de la primera edad le dará la edad del material es que ha enterrado el fósil. El material podría haberse formado miles de años antes y después cubierto recientemente el fósil. Medición de la tercera edad, si se supiera con exactitud iba a estar bien, pero los supuestos implicados en saber cuando el material cubierto el fósil se basan en hipótesis débil. Si se puede fechar el propio fósil real que es la mejor manera. De hecho material como el ámbar, huesos de dinosaurios, pizarra, piedra caliza se ha demostrado que tienen 14 carbono radiactivo que significa que son dateable.

      Asistencia a conferencias, publicación de informes: Nosotros participaron varias conferencias internacionales en Italia y Alemania, sobre la imposibilidad de la evolución. Hace poco asistí a la convención AGU en San Francisco, y presentó un comunicado de prensa de la época (Véase en la página de datación por carbono). Varios resúmenes de los documentos han sido recientemente sometido a geológica, paleontológica y revistas científicas. También hemos creado un radioblog

      BUSCANDO LA LITERATURA: Estamos examinando revista radiocarbono y muchas otras publicaciones técnicas para mejorar nuestra experiencia relativa C-14, sus problemas, mejores métodos y tratamientos pre de muestras para asegurar la eliminación de posibles contaminantes viejos y jóvenes.

      INVESTIGACIÓN ANOMALIA: Estamos constantemente alerta a las anomalías en la geología, la historia de la tierra, la paleontología y datación radiométrica, ya que estas son a menudo claves para desbloquear nuevos conocimientos sobre el pasado de la Tierra. Por ejemplo, existe el carbono 14 en el carbón, diamantes, ámbar y fósiles de dinosaurios y no debería existir de acuerdo a la teoría evolutiva.

    1. See below some radio talk shows for 2011.

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