C-14 ages for collagen in dinosaur bones only 23,000 to 30,000 years old.
C-14 ages for other dinosaur bone fractions confirming collagen ages.
Dinosaur soft tissue & collagen where none should be if millions of years old.
C-14 ages for other fossils including coal and even diamonds.
Dinosaur distinct depictions world-wide.
CT-scans of human-like footprints with dinosaurs confirming their validity.
Sedimentology research published in papers in USA, France & Russia showed that the sediments, now rock were deposited up to 2000 times faster then claimed.



The cedar tree mentioned in the bible was a symbol of strength, beauty, power and long life.  Even now there are still specimens in existence that are over one thousand years old.   Solomon used it to build his magnificent temple.  Obviously they would not use puny saplings for lumber.   If this were our culture and times we would be referring to the mighty oak tree. The cedar tree is an extremely long lived tree.   Specimens 1000-2000 years old would no doubt have been extremely plentiful then.  Even now there are still some of the beautiful specimens still in Lebanon.  As any one knows old trees are extremely large in diameter.   We are talking about 10 -20 feet.   The book of job chapter 40 states that a monstrous animal "Behemoth" that has a tail like a cedar tree   This then refers to a very large diameter tail.  .Contrast that with a hippo tail or even an elephant tail which are thin like a piece of rope; They are designed to swat flies.  So what animal do you think Job had in mind?

The book of Job also mentions another monstrous animal in chapter 41. Here is some of that description. "..Out of his mouth go burning torches.  He regards iron as straw...the arrow cannot make him flee...nothing on earth is like made without fear. You can read a full 34 verses that describe this awesomely horrible animal.

The book of Isaiah has in it a reference to a flying serpent.    This is found in chapter 30 verse 6.   It is included with a list of commonly known animals to us i.e. lion, viper, donkey.    Apparently at that time this was just another of the animals found in that region of the world. In our day and age we know of no flying reptiles at present.    We believe this was another form of dinosaur that died out years ago but was alive in the days of Isaiah.

Non biblical references to dinosaurs occur such as this one from the third century A.D.
The whole of India is girt with dragons of enormous size; for not only the marshes are full of them, but the mountains as well, and there is not a single ridge without one. Now the marsh kind are sluggish in their habits and are thirty cubits long, and they have no crest standing up on their heads
Native american references to dinosaurs and monstrous creatures can be found in reference 4 below.


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The story of Beowolf is a classic of English literature.  Read it with an open mind and you can see that it is referring to some horrible creature unlike anything known today.  It was a much feared creature.    It would come at night and kill people.   How was it killed?  The hero grabbed its small forearms and wripped them out, resulting in it bleeding to death.   Pick up the book at your local library.    It makes excellent reading for a book a thousand years old.


1. Beowulf : Edited by Joseph F. Tuso W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. N.Y. 1975


closeup of  ica stones ICA stone

These stones known as Inca stones were among hundreds found in Inca tombs. In the 1930's a Dr. Cabrera started collecting these. His son continued his work and has over a thousand in his possession. Approximately 1/3 of these stones depict the pornographic culture of the Incas. Others represent pictures of brain surgery. Almost a third show specific types of dinosaurs. such as triceratops, Stegosaurus and Pterosaurs. The earliest mention of these stones is in 1525 when a Spanish Priest traveling in the area inquired about the unusual engraved stones with strange animals on them. All this is quite revealing since several diplodocus like dinosaurs have what appear to be dermal frills. Fonfirmation of these features has been reported only recently in Geology magazine volume 20 1992 p. 1068. The only reason these stones have this degree of information is because the Inca's lived among these creatures. These stones simply revealed that these ancient peoples saw and lived with dinosaurs.


1. Secrets of the ICA Stones and Nazca lines: by Dennis Swift,

2. Photos taken at Creation Evidence museum in Glen Rose Texas.  Go to their website for more details.

3. For more photos of these stones go to for more details.


This carving was found on the wall of a Cambodian temple.  The temple is estimated to be only 800 years old.  This carving of a stegosaurus was found among other common jungle animals of the time such as monkeys, parrots, water buffalo and swans.  One can see clearly the spines on its back.  No other animal known can be mistaken for this one. Critics of dinosaurs being alive in historical times have nothing to say on this finding but choose to ignore it generally. Apparently the people of the time were used to seeing these creatures as just an ordinary part of the jungle wildlife.

Cambodian temple wall

1. This dinosaur is on the wall of a thousand year old cambodian temple. 
    This picture is by the courtesy of Don Patten and Dennis Swift.
    See their website at      


dinosaur depiction on wall

An expedition was sponsored by the Oakland California museum to examine depictions in the Hava Supai Canyon of Arizona   The above picture shows the cover of a report by the Doheny expedition showing a dinosaur image found on a canyon wall in the Hava Supai Canyon of northern Arizona. Also on this canyon is a depiction of an elephant attacking a man. These depictions have been around for a long time. This is evident due to the amount and condition of the rock varnish present in the depiction grooves. Rock varnish forms slowly on desert rocks   
To quote from sections of the report
"That dinosaurs were in the vicinity,is proved by the tracks we discovered which were identified by Mr. Gilmore as belonging to one of the carnivorous dinosaurs. These tracks were in the "Painted Desert".......On the same wall were a number of other figures of goat like creatures, serpents, and unknown forms. The most remarkable of these was a row of symbols, deeply incised......The desert varnish had commenced to form in the cut, indicating an unbelievable antiquity.....If the reader agrees that this is a Dinosaur then we are face to face with one of two conclusions. Either man goes back in Geologic time to the Triassic Period, which is millions of years beyond anything yet admitted, or else there were "left over" dinosaurs which came down into the age of maammals. Yet even this last conclusion indicates a vast antiquity. The next question is what kind of a man? Was he a low-browed ape like creature of small intelligence, the man who drew this picture a million or more years ago, or was he a being more after our own image?...the man who drew me made an used tools. He had the patience to chip an outline in hard stone with a crude flint and he haad the perseverance to finish the job He had an eye for form and a sense of proportion. He had the good judgment to select a medium which has preserved his work through unguessed ages, almost untouched He felt that same urge to create something which links us to the Gods."


The Doheny Scientific Expedition to the Hava Supai Canyon, Northern Arizona October and November, 1924
A report by the Oakland Museum Oakland California ; Sponsor and patron E.L Doheny, Samuel Hubbard Honoray Curator of Archaeology of the Oakland Museum, Charles W. Gilmore Curator of Vertebrate Paleontoloty United States National Museum (now the Smithsonian institute in Washington D.C.


Many stories from the past exist in numerous Native American tribes concerning large birds that swoop down and grab unsuspecting human victims and carry them away.  Shown below is a photo which is reported to be that of a pterodactyl shot down during the civil was. Fast forward to our times and there are still reports of giant birds.   Consider the following two accounts. One from Lawndale Illinois in 1977 and another from Alaska.

In Lawndale Illinois in 1977 a big bird picked up and carried a 10 year old boy a few feet before his frightened mothers screams seemed to cause the bird to drop him. The poor little boy Marlon Lowe was so upset by the whole incident that the boys hair turned gray. He and his mother have been the source of constant ridicule since that event. Later that year the sister in law of the mother Mrs. Lowe had a large bird land on top of the mobile home where she lives in Bellville Illinois. The bird flapped its wings then took off ovee the homes and left many residents gasping in disbelief at its 18 foot wingspan. Needless to say it was the talk of the community for some time.

The incident from Alaska involved a private pilot and a heavy equipment operator  It was reported in the U.S. breaking news of October 18, 2002. The news was reported by the Reuters news service. We quote from that report below.  

ANCHORAGE,ALASKA(Reuters) A bird the size of a small airplane was recently said to be seen flying over southwest Alaska, puzzling scientists, this Anchorage Daily News reported this week. The newspaper quoted residents in the villages of Togiak and Manokotak as saying the creature , like something out of the movie "Jurassic Park" had a wingspan of 14 feet(4.6 meters)--making it the size of a small airplane. "At first I thought it was one of those old-time Otter planes the paper quoted Moses C.Oupchiak, 43 a heavy equipment operator from Togiak, as sayingf. "instead of continuing toward me, it banked to the left, and that's when I noticed it wasn't a plane.The Daily news, the largest daily in Alaska said scientists had no doubt that people in the region west of Dillingham, had seen the winged creature but they were skeptical about it's treported size........Another local resident, a pilot who had initially dismissed the reports, said he recently saw the bird from a distance of just 1,000 feet while flying his airplane. "The people in the plane saw him." John Bouker was quoted as saying"he's huge, he's huge he's really ,really big. You wouldn't want to have your children out."
Following is a picture of a pterosaur shot during the civil war. Note the uplift on the tips of the wings. Contrast that with some of the fake pictures of the same scene in which you will see a noticeable difference. The fake picture shows the wings flat on the ground all the way out to the tips. Someone built a simple frame and put a sheet over it. Notice in the picture below the uplift on the wing tips. Notice the curve of the wing. Notice the fullness of the wing and how it is lifted off the ground at the tips. Contrast that with the flatness of the fake pictures and you will see a huge difference.

Since the Paleo Group is open to new findings and does not necessarily accept the rigid dogma of the scientific establishment that all dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, we can easily accept this as a valid picture of a flying bird of dinosaurian age. If this were the only report of dinosaurs in the time of man we would be very skeptical. But there is a long history of dinosaur sightings which we will not ignore.

Did you know that the highly respected magazine "Nature has a partial photo of what is probably a swimming dinosaur! People from the Academy of Applied Science in Boston set up time lapse cameras in Loch Ness which would be triggered by proximity of large objects. The picture shows a "diamond shaped fin, flipper or paddle"

pterosaur shot during civil war

Modern sightings of pterosaurs have been reported and for a summary of those see the following   recent pterosaur sightings


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2. news Friday October 18, 2002 Posted 10:26 AM EDT (1426GMT)

3. Naming the Loch Ness MonsterNature Volume 258, Page 466, 1972

4. Picture of the Pterodactyl shot during the civil war is by courtesy of Omniology website.  click here for more information.


The mozaic showing a man interacting with a dinosaur was found set into the floor of the hall adjacent to the sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia at Praeneste (Palestrina) Italy. It provides important evidence for what Roman triumphal paintings using topographical conventions may have looked like. This Portion of the Nile Mosaic of Palestrina shows humans having a face-off with a dinosaur. See the rest of the mosaic on:  this link and  and also this link

palestrina mozaic


The mozaic showing a man interacting with a dinosaur was found recently in a dig in the land of Israel. The following shows that people in early Israel as shown in this mosaic were threatened by still living dinosaurs. These large animals were early on wiped out by man. This dinosaur was most likely the ceratopsid shown in the accompanying picture.



1. Picture courtesy of Dennis swift at website go to section on dinosaurs of ancient Israel