PILLBUGS: Now and Then


One of our interests at Paleo Group are anomalies of any kind reported by reliable sources. The following is from an independant researcher working at Green River Wyoming
fossil pillbugs found in defensive position

pillbugs live extended and also in defensive position

photos copyrighted 2011

Assigned Order: Isopoda Assigned Family: Armadillidiiae (wood lice, pill bugs, rollie pollies) Formation: Green River Location: Piceance Creek Basin

Evolutionists have assigned the pillbug to the order Isopoda, calling it a "terrestrial crustacean." However, they have no proof that the pill bug is related to crustaceans of any kind, but instead base their assumptions on appearance and the fact that they breath through gils. Instead, they appear to be the "platapus of the bug world" having unusual features that set them apart form insects, spiders etc.

What makes them unique? First of all they have the appearance of a tiny armadillo, having segmented plates for an exoskeleton which allows them to roll up into a defensive ball position when threatened. Secondly, as mentioned above they breath through gils, which is a handy design feature given their preference of a moist environment. Thirdly the female, which produces up to 3 broods of 200 eggs in a year, has a brood pouch under her belly where she incubates her eggs. After hatching, the babies will stay in the pouch for several weeks before venturing out on their own.

These traits which they share with other life forms in the animal kingdom are not evidence evolution, but of a Designer, who Bible believing young earth creationists refer to as Jesus Christ. Consider the fossil photo of the billbug from the Green River Formation shown above. Rolled up in a defensive position, it is evident that this little creature was trying to protect itself when it died. If it had drowned and was then buried it would be uncurled. Secondly, this pillbug is from a formation with the assigned age of 50-some million yrs. old. If evolution were a fact why isn't there evidence of change? The pillbug remains identical today.


1. private communication of B. Dunkel   June 2011