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Research has been done in many areas of Russia by Dr. Alexander V. Lalomov, M.S. (geochemistry, Leningrad State University),
Ph.D. (submarine geology, USSR National Research Institute of Ocean Geology). Director of the Lab. The following information can be seen on their website and we will include some of the highpoints here.

" The Lab is designed for investigations in geology and geochemistry on the base of mathematical modeling of geological processes. Since 1994, the Lab works are closely related to the studies on Flood sedimentology and elaboration of alternative methods of dating for geological events and objects. Last five years the Lab had several investigations in Creation geology and published four papers as the result of the researches. The researching team consist of competent geologists and mathematicians, which has not only theoretical, but also practical experience. Application of the results of our modelling in geological prospecting of submarine tin placers of northeastern Russia had notable economic benefit. One of the main principles of Lab is, that creation science should have the greater practical and economic application for expansion of the influence in the world."


Catastrophism and modern geology: modelling the placer generation process.
A.V.Lalomov and S.E.Tabolitch
Creation Research Society Quarterly, 1996, 33(3):186-190)

Catastrophism in geology: determination of the generation time of coastal
submarine placers based on mathematical modelling.
A.V.Lalomov and S.E.Tabolitch
Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, 1996, 10(3):373-378)

Gold placers in Earth history.
A.V.Lalomov and S.E.Tabolitch
Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, 1997, 11(3):330-334)

Placer mineral deposits on a young Earth.
A.V. Lalomov and S.E. Tabolitch
Creation Research Society Quarterly, 1999, 35(4): 211 - 220)

Age determination of coastal submarine placer, Val'cumey, northern Siberia.
A.V. Lalomov and S.E. Tabolitch
Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, 2000, 14(3):83-90)

Influence of the interpretive framework in geological investigations.
A.V. Lalomov
Creation Research Society Quarterly (in review)

A Video entitled Geological sedimentary formations of South Crimea (Stones testify to Noah's Flood

The results of our some of their investigations can be seen in the indicated journals. For e-mail copies

Some of the future work to be done by this lab includes the following:
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Alexander Lalomov (Director of Lab)